Seismic Testing Targets Sacred Black Hills Wind Cave

Seismic Testing Targets Sacred Black Hills Wind Cave

Watch video report by Tonia Stands in Black Hills

By Tonia Stands, Lakota

Censored News

EDGEMONT, South Dakota — The Seismic Testing Project is at work everyday for another month. Every day is another day of attack to the Sacred Black Hills and Wind Cave​ Structures below, which have been mapped at 300 miles.

The permit process is illegal because none of the tribes were notified.

The same Cultural Relevance attack is holding, Dewey Burdock Uranium project is in the same area of Edgemont, South Dakota.

As for Crow Butte Uranium Expansion, our Oglala Sioux Tribal Attorney Steve Gun did not want to pursue anything because he said there are no grounds, because the process is already done

So we are looking for any legal help.


Tonia Stands said, “They never mentioned any Nations connected to the Sacred Black Hills. National Forest Service ignores us all. Instead they go to private archaelogical consultants and SHPO (State Historic Preservation Officer) plus the District Ranger, then sign off on our Indigenous Rights.

We need all Warriors, Land Defenders, Sacred Site Protectors, Akicita, Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Oyate to come and join us in a opposition against this illegal Seismic Testing Project.”



Copright Tonia Stands, Censored News


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