Red Warrior Camp Speaks — June 21, 2017

Red Warrior Camp Speaks — Statement just released.


Leaked doc exposes Trump plan to destroy Mother Earth

Speaking out and resisting coal at Navajo Nation Council Chambers. Photo by Emily Guerin

By Brenda Norrell 

Censored News

A leaked document from the Bureau of Land Management reveals the Trump administration’s new push to prioritize drilling and coal mines on public lands. The BLM is pushing swift approvals for oil and gas leasing, pipelines and powerlines, according the documents leaked from the Trump Administration.

The documents reveal the involvement of law enforcement in this priority for widespread rape of Mother Earth, and seizure of natural resources by private corporations.

The United States government’s use of militarized police, working in collusion with mercenaries including TigerSwan, employed by Dakota Access Pipeline, which began during the Obama administration, was just revealed from documents leaked to The Intercept.

American Indian Genocide Denier Credit Suisse Insults Standing Rock Water Protectors in Switzerland 

Waste Win Young

Waste Win Young on panel at U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland
Crédits photo : Marie de Lutz Photography

American Indian Genocide Denier Credit Suisse Insults Standing Rock Water Protectors in Switzerland

Waste Win Young, Dakota Lakota from Standing Rock, speaks out on the Genocide Deniers at Credit Suisse. Standing Rock Water Protectors met with bank officials and urged the bank to divest in Energy Transfer Partners, owner of Dakota Access Pipeline. Waste Win Young joins Rachel Heaton, Muckleshoot, Nataanii Means, Dine’ Lakota, and Rafael Gonzalez, Dakota, on the 11 country tour.

By Waste Win Young, Standing Rock, Dakota Lakota

Published with permission at Censored News. Read article:

Zapatistas Assembly for National Indigenous Council

Video Published on Jun 2, 2017

On May 28, 2017 at CIDECI-Unitierra, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Maribel, of the Popoluca town of Veracruz, read the final declaration of the constituent assembly of the Indigenous Council of Government.

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El 28 de mayo de 2017 en CIDECI-Unitierra, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, la compañera Maribel, del pueblo popoluca de Veracruz, leyó la declaratoria final de la asamblea constitutiva del Concejo Indígena de Gobierno.
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The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come

To To the People of Mexico,

To the Peoples of the World,

To the Media,

To the National and International Sixth,

We send our urgent word to the world from the Constitutive Assembly for the Indigenous Governing Council, where we met as peoples, communities, nations, and tribes of the National Indigenous Congress: Apache, Amuzgo, Chatino, Chichimeca, Chinanteco, Chol, Chontal of Oaxaca, Chontal of Tabasco, Coca, Cuicateco, Mestizo, Hñähñü, Ñathö, Ñuhhü, Ikoots, Kumiai, Lakota, Mam, Matlazinca, Maya, Mayo, Mazahua, Mazateco, Me`phaa, Mixe, Mixe-Popoluca, Mixteco, Mochó, Nahua or Mexicano, Nayeri, Popoluca, Purépecha, Q´anjob´al, Rarámuri, Tének, Tepehua, Tlahuica, Tohono Odham, Tojolabal, Totonaco, Triqui, Tseltal, Tsotsil, Wixárika, Xi´iuy, Yaqui, Binniza, Zoque, Akimel O´otham, and Comkaac.


We find ourselves in a very serious moment of violence, fear, mourning, and rage due to the intensification of the capitalist war against everyone, everywhere throughout the national territory. We see the murder of women for being women, of children for being children, of whole peoples for being peoples.

The political class has dedicated itself to turning the State into a corporation that sells off the land of the originary peoples, campesinos, and city dwellers, that sells people as if they were just another commodity to kill and bury like raw material for the drug cartels, that sells people to capitalist businesses that exploit them until they are sick or dead, or that sells them off in parts to the illegal organ market.

Then there is the pain of the families of the disappeared and their decision to find their loved ones despite the fact that the government is determined for them not to, because there they will also find the rot that rules this country.

This is the destiny that those above have built for us, bent on the destruction of the social fabric—what allows us to recognize ourselves as peoples, nations, tribes, barrios, neighborhoods, and families—in order to keep us isolated and alone in our desolation as they consolidate the appropriation of entire territories in the mountains, valleys, coasts, and cities.

This is the destruction that we have not only denounced but confronted for the past 20 years and which in a large part of the country is evolving into open war carried out by criminal corporations which act in shameless complicity with all branches of the bad government and with all of the political parties and institutions. Together they constitute the power of above and provoke revulsion in millions of Mexicans in the countryside and the city.

In the midst of this revulsion they continue to tell us to vote for them, to believe in the power from above, to let them continue to design and impose our destiny.

On that path we see only an expanding war, a horizon of death and destruction for our lands, our families, and our lives, and the absolute certainty that this will only get worse—much worse—for everyone.


We reiterate that only through resistance and rebellion have we found possible paths by which we can continue to live and through which we find not only a way to survive the war of money against humanity and against our Mother Earth, but also the path to our rebirth along with that of every seed we sow and every dream and every hope that now materializes across large regions in autonomous forms of security, communication, and self-government for the protection and defense of our territories. In this regard there is no other path than the one walked below. Above we have no path; that path is theirs and we are mere obstacles.

These sole alternative paths, born in the struggle of our peoples, are found in the indigenous geographies throughout all of our Mexico and which together make up the National Indigenous Congress. We have decided not to wait for the inevitable disaster brought by the capitalist hitmen that govern us, but to go on the offensive and convert our hope into an Indigenous Governing Council for Mexico which stakes its claim on life from below and to the anticapitalist left, which is secular, and which responds to the seven principles of Rule by Obeying as our moral pledge.

No demand of our peoples, no determination and exercise of autonomy, no hope made into reality has ever corresponded to the electoral ways and times that the powerful call “democracy”. Given that, we intend not only to wrest back from them our destiny which they have stolen and spoiled, but also to dismantle the rotten power that is killing our peoples and our mother earth. For that task, the only cracks we have found that have liberated consciences and territories, giving comfort and hope, are resistance and rebellion.

By agreement of this constitutive assembly of the Indigenous Governing Council [CIG when abbreviated in Spanish], we have decided to name as spokesperson our compañera María de Jesús Patricio Martínez of the Nahuatl people, whose name we will seek to place on the electoral ballot for the Mexican presidency in 2018 and who will be the carrier of the word of the peoples who make up the CIG, which in turn is highly representative of the indigenous geography of our country.

So then, we do not seek to administer power; we want to dismantle it from within the cracks from which we know we are able.


We trust in the dignity and honesty of those who struggle: teachers, students, campesinos, workers, and day laborers, and we want to deepen the cracks that each of them has forged, dismantling power from above from the smallest level to the largest. We want to make so many cracks that they become our honest and anticapitalist government.

We call on the thousands of Mexicans who have stopped counting their dead and disappeared and who, with grief and suffering, have raised their fists and risked their own lives to charge forward without fear of the size of the enemy, and have seen that there are indeed paths but that they have been hidden by corruption, repression, disrespect, and exploitation.

We call on those who believe in themselves, who believe in the compañero at their side, who believe in their history and their future: we call on them to not be afraid to do something new, as this is the only path that gives us certainty in the steps we take.

Our call is to organize ourselves in every corner of the country, to gather the necessary elements for the Indigenous Governing Council and our spokeswoman to be registered as an independent candidate for the presidency of this country and, yes, to crash the party of those above which is based on our death and make it our own, based on dignity, organization, and the construction of a new country and a new world.

We convoke all sectors of society to be attentive to the steps decided and defined by the Indigenous Governing Council, through our spokeswoman, to not give in, to not sell out, and to neither stray nor tire from the task of carving the arrow that will carry the offensive of all of the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, organized or not, straight toward the true enemy.

From CIDECI-UNITIERRA, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

May 28, 2017

For the Full Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress

Zapatista Army for National Liberation

Canadian company poisoning Ute water with uranium mill


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Leona Morgan, Dine’, with Yolanda Badback, Ute, monitoring radioactivity on the road to White Mesa Uranium Mill.

Canadian Mining Company Poisoning Ute Mountain Ute, Targeting Havasupai Sacred Land in Grand Canyon

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

French translation by Christine Prat at:

The ‘Haul No! Tour’ is now exposing, and resisting, uranium mining and transport on sacred lands of the Ute Mountain Ute and Havasupai, and the threat to the ground water for Utes and at the Grand Canyon.

Sacred lands are being desecrated by uranium processing and water and land is threatening by uranium hauling through Ute, Navajo and Supai lands.

Ute Mountain Ute depend on ground water from their wells for drinking.

“Please help us shut this mill down,” said Yolanda, on this video in her homelands.

“We don’t need any more of this nasty waste.”

Energy Fuels of Canada owns the White Mesa Mill and Canyon Mine.

Canyon Mine is now threatening to poison sacred lands of the Supai at Red Butte in the Grand Canyon.

“Haul No! is an Indigenous led awareness and action tour along the proposed haul route. We intend to spread awareness and stimulate action to ensure the Grand Canyon, sacred sites, and our communities are safeguarded from this deadly toxic threat,” said Native American organizers.

The Tour concludes at the Havasupai Gathering June 23 — 25, 2017.

Contact: Klee Benally,
Sarana Riggs,

‘Haul No!’ Tour Opposing Grand Canyon Uranium Mining and Transport

GRAND CANYON, Arizona  — As Energy Fuels Inc. (EFI) threatens to start uranium mining on sacred Indigenous Lands managed by the US Forest Service, just miles from the Grand Canyon, Haul No! has planned a 300 mile awareness and action tour along the Canyon Mine haul route.

Who: Haul No! is a volunteer Indigenous-led group collaborating with Indigenous communities and leaders, environmental organizations, and community-based advocates working to stop nuclear colonialism in the Southwest.

What: Haul No! Tour including presentations on public health, cultural and environmental impacts from uranium mining, and a direct action workshop. Starting near the White Mesa Uranium Mill, also operated by EFI, and stopping in impacted Indigenous communities and the city of Flagstaff, the tour will wrap up at sacred Red Butte near Canyon Mine. The tour will culminate at a Prayer Gathering organized by the Havasupai Nation.

When and Where: June 13–25, 2017 

Why: Up to 12 trucks a day with 30 tons each of highly radioactive uranium ore are slated to be transported through mostly small reservation communities.The Havasupai Nation has legally challenged the US Forest Service due failure complete meaningful consultation with the Havasupai in their 1986 Environmental Impact Statement regarding Canyon Mine. A decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is still pending.

Although the Navajo Nation has banned transport of uranium through its lands since 2012, EFI would be permitted by the state of Arizona due to jurisdictional issues.

Possible radioactive contamination to land, water, and air from the Canyon Mine, White Mesa Mill, and transport of uranium would impact northern Arizona, southeast Utah, the Colorado River, Moenkopi Wash, the San Juan River, and the lands and cultural resources of the Havasupai, Hopi, Navajo, Ute, and Paiute peoples.

Haul No Tour Schedule
Tuesday, June 13, Bluff, UT 
Community Center, 5:30 pm
Wednesday, June 14, Oljato, UT
Thursday, June 15, Kayenta, AZ
Kayenta Town Hall, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Friday, June 16, Tuba City, AZ
Greyhills Auditorium, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday, June 17, Cameron, AZ
Monday, June 19, Flagstaff, AZ
Coconino Center for the Arts, 6 pm – 8 pm

Zapatistas Solidarity with Wixarika — Land Defenders Assassinated in Mexico

Solidarity and support for our brothers and sisters of the Wixárika people

By National Indigenous Congress

Zapatista National Liberation Army

Censored News

To the Wixárika People

To the Peoples of the World

Gathered together in the Constitutive Assembly of the Indigenous Council for Mexico at CIDECI–UNITIERRA, Chiapas, the indigenous peoples, nations, and tribes who make up the National Indigenous Congress and the Zapatista Army for National Liberation say to the Wixárika people that we stand together, that your pain and rage are also ours, and that the path of your historic struggle is part of the hope we have as a country and as a world.

We repudiate and condemn the cowardly murder of the compañeros Miguel Vázquez Torres and Agustín Vázquez Torres of the Wixárika community of Waut+a- Saint Sebastian Teponahuaxtlán in the state of Jalisco on May 20 of the present year at the hands of the mercenaries of organized crime. This crime could not have happened without the absolute complicity of the bad governments on all levels, given that the riches of the Wixárika lands are coveted by the powers of capital which know no limits and which use their narco-paramilitary groups to try to dismantle an organization as exemplary as that of the Wixaritari.

We know they will not achieve this; they have never been able to and never will because the fabric that keeps the originary peoples alive also sustains the hope we are building together in order that a new world be born of resistance, rebellion, and the determination to keep existing.

We salute the exemplary defense of the territory that the compañero Miguel led, without ever turning back, as well as the paths the Saint Sebastian community is forging to recuperate nearly 10 thousand hectares invaded by ranchers, supposed small landowners from Huajimic, Nayarit. These ranchers are protected by the capitalist governments’ determination to pretend to dialogue while preparing a bloody end to this conflict, disguising it as drug cartel activity, as unclear state or municipal borders, as lying “task forces”i, as complicated judicial proceedings, or as supposed budget limitations.

Wixaritari compañeras and compañeros, we are with you and we know that the steps you collectively decide to take will be wise and dignified. We will not be indifferent nor oblivious to the support and solidarity that we have mutually shared on the CNI’s historic path.

We emphatically demand the solving of this crime against a whole people, punishment of the guilty, and the dismantling of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and all the criminal capitalist corporations that seek to take over the territories and autonomous organization that we peoples, nations, and tribes defend.

We demand that the the ancestral territories of the Wixárika people be wholly respected, that the territory invaded on the outskirts of Huajimic, Nayarit, be urgently restored [to the people], and that the forms of security and justice decided upon and exercised by the community of Waut+a- Saint Sebastian Teponahuaxtlán be fully respected.


May 27, 2017

National Indigenous Congress

Zapatista National Liberation Army

Border Patrol Attacked Migrant Medic Tent in Arizona Desert

  America’s War on the Voiceless


Above: Border Patrol agents at No More Deaths Camp entrance in Arivaca, south of Tucson, on Thursday before arresting four migrants in need of emergency medical aid. Below: Agents from the Nogales Border Patrol station stalking the humanitarian aid camp on Wednesday and Thursday.

Border Patol Agents attack medical aid camp for migrants at Arivaca. On Thursday, 30 armed agents entered camp with at least 15 trucks, two quads and a helicopter overhead and arrested  four migrants receiving emergency medical aid, as deadly heat wave approaches with southern Arizona temperatures to reach 120 degrees.

Border Patrol Raids Humanitarian Aid Camp in Targeted Attack

By No More Deaths

Censored News


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans at:


French translation by Christine Prat


A helicopter, 15 trucks and 30 armed agents descended on the medical aid station to apprehend 4 people receiving medical care in deadly summer heat
Thursday, June 15th, 6:00 pm, Arivaca, Arizona: In temperatures surging over 100℉, US Border Patrol raided the medical aid camp of humanitarian organization No More Deaths, and detained four individuals receiving medical care. Obstruction of humanitarian aid is an egregious abuse by the law enforcement agency, a clear violation of international humanitarian law and a violation of the organization’s written agreement with the Tucson Sector Border Patrol.
Agents from the Border Patrol began surveilling the No More Deaths’ camp on Tuesday, June 13th at around 4:30 PM. Agents in vehicles, on foot and ATV’s surrounded the aid facility and set up a temporary checkpoint at the property-line to search and interrogate those leaving about their citizenship status. The heavy presence of law enforcement has deterred people from accessing critical humanitarian assistance in this period of hot and deadly weather. These events also follow a pattern of increasing surveillance of humanitarian aid over the past few months under the Trump administration.
This afternoon, in an unprecedented show of force, approximately 30 armed agents raided the camp with at least 15 trucks, 2 quads and a helicopter to apprehend four patients receiving medical care.
For the past 13 years, No More Deaths has provided food, water, and medical care for people crossing the Sonoran desert on foot. The ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by border enforcement policy has claimed the lives of over 7000 people since 1998. Human remains are found on average once every three days in the desert of Southern Arizona.
Kate Morgan, Abuse Documentation & Advocacy Coordinator for the organization said, “No More Deaths has documented the deaths and disappearances of hundreds of migrants in the Arivaca corridor of the border. Today’s raid on the medical aid station is unacceptable and a break in our good faith agreements with Border Patrol to respect the critical work of No More Deaths”.
John Fife, one of the founders of No More Deaths, commented that, “Since 2013 the Tucson sector of the Border Patrol has had a written agreement with No More Deaths (NMD) that they will respect the NMD camp as a medical facility under the international Red Cross standards, which prohibit government interference with humanitarian aid centers. That agreement now has been violated by the Border Patrol under the most suspicious circumstances. The Border Patrol acknowledged that they tracked a group for 18 miles, but only after the migrants sought medical treatment did the Border Patrol seek to arrest them. The choice to interdict these people only after they entered the No More Deaths’ camp is direct evidence that this was a direct attack on humanitarian aid. At the same time, the weather forecast is for record setting deadly temperatures”.
People crossing the deadly and remote regions of the US Mexico border often avoid seeking urgent medical care for fear of deportation and incarceration. For this reason, a humanitarian focused aid station in the desert is an essential tool for preserving life. The targeting of this critical medical aid is a shameful reflection of the current administration’s disregard for the lives of migrants and refugees, making an already dangerous journey even more deadly.
In spite of this, No More Deaths remains committed to our mission to end death and suffering in the desert and will continue to provide humanitarian aid, as we have for the past 13 years.

Also see The UK Guardian’s coverage:

The Intercept coverage:

America’s War on the Voiceless

No More Deaths Camp was attacked by Border Patrol agents who arrested four migrants receiving emergency medical aid at Arivaca, south of Tucson, late Thursday. This photo shows America’s current violent attacks being carried by heavily armed police and agents targeting dying migrants crossing the desert on foot; the voiceless; the desperate and Indigenous Peoples, as was done by militarized police at Standing Rock. The weather forecast in southern Arizona is for deadly heat, with temperatures to reach  120 degrees. Attacking emergency medical aid is an humanitarian crime. 

— Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Below: Border Patrol agents vandalize life saving water for migrants in 2012

In the early morning of May 14, 2012 Border Patrol agents destroy water left for migrants in distress along a desert trail near the town of Arivaca, Arizona. More than 178 people died while crossing the Arizona desert during Fiscal Year 2012. [note: the time stamp on this video is incorrect]